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      Sleep Apnea affects people of all ages, races and gender, but is more prevalent in middle aged men.
      WHO-GETS-SLEEP-APNEASleep Apnea occurs in about 25% of men and nearly 10% of women. Sleep Apnea can affect people of all ages, including babies and children and particularly people over the age of 50 and those who are overweight. Certain physical traits and clinical features are common in patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Reference: Cleveland Clinic
      Signs and Symptoms of Sleep Apnea:

      ● Loud Snoring
      ● High Blood pressure
      ● Sexual Dysfunction
      ● Memory Loss
      ● Frequent Urination
      ● Morning Headaches
      ● Depression
      ● Difficulty Concentrating
      ● Excessive Daytime Fatigue
      ● Snoring, gasping, and choking while asleep

      Sleep Apnea is a potentially life-threatening disorder.
      If left untreated, Sleep Apnea leads to increased risk for:

      ● High Blood Pressure
      ● Stroke
      ● Decreased Quality of life and even death
      ● Heart Disease
      ● Fatigue related motor vehicle accidents