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      Tips, tricks, and helpful hints to improve your health with Sleep Apnea.

      Sleep-Apnea-Helpful-Hints1. If you notice any of the following, please contact your physician
      a. Running nose
      b. Nasal, sinus or ear pain
      c. Symptoms of sleep apnea or snoring re-occur
      d. Lightheadedness or Dizziness

      2. If your skin becomes irritated at a pressure point, use a band-aid type adhesive strip over the area, and notify PHCS.

      3. Do not over-tighten your mask, an occasional small leak is better than an over-tightened mask.

      4. Try to use the CPAP every night even if you can’t keep it on all night. Falling asleep with the CPAP is the first challenge; soon you will be able to get a more restful sleep.

      5. Wash your face before using the CPAP to remove excess skin oil, and prolong the life of the mask.